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About Paragon
Perfect Tower
"And so it came to be that the untimely demise of the Dragon's Gullet Tavern would be the the beginning of something that would change the worlds as we know them..." - The Scrolls of Dragonspire

A brief history of Paragon.

After making a small fortune adventuring, Durgan Krole invited Lilith, his long time ally, to join the Dragon's Gullet Tavern where she used her magics to protect the taverns patrons. After a time Durgan Krole grew tired of this world and left the Tavern. Little did he know this would lead to it's destruction. Without a leader in the tavern, marauders and thieves were able to sneak past the powerful barriers that Lilith created and kill the all innocent occupants of the tavern. No longer able to defend the Dragon's Gullet, but still driven to protect the innocent, Lilith formed the guild Paragon and invited all the noble souls she had known in the past to join. Now they stand together to protect and help the innocent and be the bane of all evil.

Finding us

Those who seek us will find us at 23,7. We reside in the Perfect Tower in Drokmoore.

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