Pet store

A store that sells pets.

Bill of GoodsEdit

Name Buy Sell Description
Cricket 2 1 This is a fat little black cricket.
Snail 5 3 This is a small, slimy snail with protruding eyestalks and a tough, spiraling shell.
Small Spider 8 4 This is a small, fuzzy spider with thin legs and powerful little jaws.
Butterfly 10 5 This is a small butterfly with vivid, detailed patterns on its wings.
Chameleon 10 5 This is a small-slow moving lizard with the unique ability to blend in with its surroundings.
Guppy 15 8 This is a brightly colored guppy is a small glass bowl. Colorful pebbles adorn the bottom of the bowl.
Small Bat 15 8 This is a small, fuzzy bat with leathery wings and sharp talons.
Lagbert 35 18 This is a small creature related to the Gremlin. It has two stumpy legs and cat-like pointed ears. Its features are restricted to two beady red eyes.


Store Name Coords Town
Mandle's Pet Shop (21,9) Drokmoore
Dimier's Pet Shop (39,5) Quince Town
Andoller's Pet Shop (41,5) Alesville
Nerminar's Pet Shop (20,27) Thones Village
Nusker's Pet Shop (34,36) Redstone
Maddeo Pet Shop (41,32) Magog Village
Tunnery Pet Shop (27,50) Nillywood Town
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