A store where adventurers can purchase fruit and vegetables.

Bill of GoodsEdit

Name Buy Sell Description
Burlap Sack Free Cannot be sold. This is a dirty, smelly sack with a neck hole and arm holes cut out of it. It is dotted with several mysterious stains.
Plum 2 1 This is a bright, ripe plum.
Apple 3 2 A bright red apple.
Carrot 1 1 This is a healthy orange carrot with bright green stem.
Gourd 3 2 This is a small, knobby gourd with blotched coloring.
Pumpkin 5 3 This is a large, heavy pumpkin. It is a healthy orange.


Coords Town
(1,6) Main Town
(16,9) Mallidae Village
(21,2) Drokmoore
(26,10) Drokmoore
(33,1) Quince Town
(36,10) Quince Town
(47,9) Alesville
(2,15) Bissom_Town
(20,16) Jaikiel Town
(25,19) Fenrin Village
(40,16) Pescombe
(37,18) Pescombe
(49,11) Taisel Village
(44,20) Taisel Village
(16,27) Thones Village
(21,21) Arkwood
(24,29) Arkwood
(35,22) Tamesden Town
(48,22) Hornet Town
(9,32) Shokan Hills
(11,34) Archen Town
(28,33) Maiden_Village
(40,36) Redstone
(35,40) Redstone
(15,18) HordonVillage
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