Description This is a long, twisted staff, made from intertwined thorny vines. At the head of the staff is a small, round jack o lantern carved to resemble a jagged little face. A dim glow eminates from the pumpkin.
Type Pole Weapon
Usage When player selects [use] the following text is displayed:
[Player]raises a pumpkin staff in the air. The jack o lantern on top twists and turns, surveying the surroundings.
Maximum Stack  ?
Cost to Buy This item cannot be purchased.
Selling Price This item cannot be sold.
Maximum Upgrades This item may be upgraded 5 times at a Blacksmith.
Any item that has been upgraded will display [Upgraded] after its name on your Inventory bar.
How to Obtain Dropped by Lord Lantern

Weapon Statistics
Damage 12-16 Damage
Chance To Hit 50% Chance to Hit
Average Damage 7 Damage per Attack
Average Damage With All Skills

Game Information

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