Scroll Guardian Hunting


This guide is for hunting the Scroll Guardian, a unique monster in the Scroll Wars world. The guide will give you some basic information on the monster in question such as the HP and resistances. It will also give you some suggestions on which items you should bring, skills you should have and how many people you should bring.

The Scroll GuardianEdit

The Scroll Guardian has 100HP. It also gives 80XP. The Scroll Guardian drops a scroll when killed. The mysterious Guardian drops only scrolls, thus being the SCROLL Guardian. When fighting the Guardian, you should know that it has resistances of about 5-14+ and is capable of hitting up to XXXX in damage.

Where to find the GuardianEdit

Simply put, the Guardian is a random spawn. It only visits the world of Dragonspires when a scroll is lost by a player or a new one is implemented into the game. It can appear anywhere on the map, but some players have suggest it spawns around Odicef castle. From what we've seen so far, the Guardian is not a light weight. It can deal out some fairly large damage (unrecorded at the moment) and it can also take some hits (again, unrecorded).

Supplies, people and other essentialsEdit

When actively hunting the Guardian, you should always carry healing items . If you can afford Tortes they are more effective than the regular bandages. Of course, you should bring the strongest weapon you have. Hopefully, you have some backup magic points if you find the Guardian. The addition of people is entirely up to you. Obviously, if you bring people the Guardian will go down faster but you have a lower chance of getting the scroll it holds.

Recommended skillsEdit

Again, the Scroll Guardian does not like to play around. The real problem is the short amount of time you get to kill it. If you don't manage to kill it within the current refresh, it will most likely move. Therefore, I would suggest you have all your skills before you try to kill a Guardian. Of course, having lots of HP and MP will be a nice addition to your arsenal.


Hunting the Scroll Guardian is no easy task. Not only do you have the random spawn but most of the time you will run into it on accident. The best thing to do (if you want a scroll, that is) is to ALWAYS be ready. If you do manage to find it, remember you do have a time limit to work with. I wish you good luck on your adventure!

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