Set Recall Point is a command tied to the Recall skill. Players must first select a future place to teleport to using this command. If a player has the Total Recall skill, they may teleport to that spot even if they are in that realm.

Prior to the introduction of Total Recall, Set Recall Point was a skill. Purchasing only let you select a spot to teleport to. Actually teleporting to that spot required the purchase of Recall. Set Recall Point was removed from the skills list on July 28, 2009. Its former skill information is listed below.

Set Recall Point
Skill NameSet Recall Point
ClassWar Mage
XP Cost100
MP CostN/A
Skill DescriptionPlayer can set a point to recall to.
Special NotesNone
Related SkillsRecall

For more information, see the Skill Tree.

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