This page contains a list of all the shop types and what items or services (i.e. upgrades at the blacksmiths) are on offer. Click the shop type name to find their specific location. Click each item for a description and cost.

Shop Types Edit


Note: Not all items available at all locations.

Book StoreEdit


Butcher ShopEdit

Cafés and GrillsEdit

Clothing ShopEdit

Fishmonger and Seafood ShopEdit

Furs & PeltsEdit

Gem ShopEdit

General StoreEdit

Jewelry ShopEdit

Magic ShopEdit

Music ShopEdit

Pet ShopEdit

Produce StandEdit

Second Hand ShopEdit


Kiki's Tea ShopEdit

Tool ShopEdit

Toy ShopEdit

Shops Currently with No Purpose Edit

• Alchemy
• Bait and Tackle
• Bakery
• Elixers
• Furniture
• Herb
• Pawn
• Plant
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