• Leech Life - Player receives small HP bonus for damage dealt.
    • Blood Thinning - Healing items have a reduced effect when used by enemies in your presence.
  • Siphon Magic - Player has a small chance to absorb a bit of magic from another player.
    • Parasitic Hold - Player has a slightly larger chance to absorb a bit more magic from another player.
  • Dead Sight - Player can see the spirits of the recently dead.
    • Dead Tongue - Listen to the secret whispers of the recently deceased.
  • Zombify - Player can raise dead players if they are by their corpse, however, the process isn't perfect.
    • Life After Death - Player is able to repossess own corpse, but is sapped of strength.
  • Out of Body - Player may become a ghost. Body is left unattended as if a corpse.
    • Last Gasp - Player's corpse has a chance to stave off looting with undead reflexes.
  • Create Poison - Player can create poisons if they have the right ingredients and a mortar & pestle. (Not yet avail)
  • Soul Siphon - Player can use the energy of disembodied souls to their advantage.
  • Death's Embrace - The lower you are on HP, the more MP you regenerate per refresh.
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