Spidra Arcanna Hunting


This guide is for hunting Spidra Arcanna, a Unique Monster in the Scroll Wars world. It will give you some basic information on the monster in question and some suggestions on what you should bring, skills you should have and how many people you should bring.

Spidra ArcannaEdit

Spidra Arcanna has a below average amount of HP, coming in at 95. She gives 78 XP and 900 gold when killed. She drops Spiderweb Knapsack or a Spiderweb Necklace when killed. When fighting her, you should know her resistances are 2-7 and she can hit up to 18.

Where to find Spidra ArcannaEdit

Spidra likes to hide out in the Sub Catacombs. To get to the Sub Catacombs, you should go to An Abandoned Shack (5,4). This is the entrance to the Catacombs and the starting point for finding Spidra. Make your way east and you should find A Chasm (12,9). Head into the Chasm and go north until you come upon a 2 by 2 square. The 2 by 2 square is made up of the squares (10,2), (11,2), (10,3) and (11,3) of the Chasm Map. You should find Spidra hiding around here. If she isn't around there, check the corridor you took to get into the 2 by 2 room. If she's still not there, go further South and wander about a bit. Note that while she's usually in the 2 by 2 room, she likes to wander about occasionally. If you still can't find her after checking the entire Chasm Map, wait for her to respawn, because that means she's just been killed by someone (she's popular like that :D). That shouldn't take long, because Unique Enemies like her respawn quickly. Beware when fighting her, as she likes to have The_Bestiary/Catacomb_Creatures#Bats and The_Bestiary/Catacomb_Creatures#Giant Spiders around her at all times.

Supplies, people and other essentialsEdit

Spidra is the easiest of all the Unique Enemies in the game so far. I would recommend you being at least level 10 before you take her on. You are not in need of a group, unless you want company. You should always bring many bandages and/or Large Bandages when fighting Spidra, as well as a Light Source. These will help keep you alive and fighting. There is no need for magic as you can very easily put her down with a Battle Axe/Demonic Sword. You should also know the nearest clinic and temple just in case. The clinic, Gryphons Clinic (4,6), should be used for all your bandage needs. Temple of Gongoreth (1,5) should be used to come back to life.

Recommended skillsEdit

I would suggest having at least the basic Bladed Weapon Training. Anything past these skills is a bonus. It would also be helpful to have Leech Life so you can take back some HP from the surrounding monsters.


Spidra Arcanna is very easy, and you should have no trouble taking her on if you are careful, prepared, and if you heal yourself oftenly with Bandages. Enjoy those 900 coins!

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