Places to gain resurrection!
See the Game FAQ for more information.


  • Before your ghost seeks the nearest Temple on the map, make sure you remember the coordinates of the tile on which you died, as you will need to go back, once resurrected, and reclaim your belongings.

First StepEdit

  • You are dead
  • Write down the coordinates of the tile.


Second StepEdit

  • Find a Temple.
  • Enter the Temple
  • Click [Resurrect]


  • Your Event Log will tell you following message:
  • You feel strangely attracted to the large crystal and place your incorporeal hands upon it. In a flash, you are once again among the living.

Third StepEdit

  • Go back to the tile one which you died by following the coordinates you wrote down.
  • Click [Reclaim Belongings]


  • Your Event Log will tell you following message:
  • You reclaim everything from your corpse.

Final StepEdit

The List of TemplesEdit

  • Here is a list showing a Temple closest to your location:


Temple Name Coords Town
Temple of Gongoreth 1.5 Main Town
Temple of Sigmut 6.20 Bissom Town
Temple of Dehatsmus 13.2 Mallidae Village
Temple of Poppilick 13.27 Thones Village
Temple of Hefren 15.11 Jaikiel Town
Temple of Poeren 25.7 Drokmoore
Temple of Gulgorn 25.26 Arkwood
Temple of Loominen 28.15 Fenrin Village
Temple of Yiella 32.29 Tamesden Town
Temple of Cezil 35.15 Pescombe
Temple of Primortal 36.4 Quince Town
Temple of Tilleria 45.15 Taisel Village
Temple of Resurrection 26.5 Tilleria's Realm
Tilleria Monument 10.10 Nadra
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