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Many strange, wonderful, and/or horrific creatures inhabit the various realms.

Welcome to The Bestiary, here you will discover information on the creatures you may encounter while wandering the lands of DragonSpires. Images may or may not be relative in size.

To access information on the beasts in any section you need to click the link in the second header which should take you to the relevant page.

Total: 173 Creatures (Estimation based on information provided by the players.)


Brown shell turtle DeerFish Giant blue crab Giant frog Giant crab Giantrat Rabbit Snake Wolf

Domestic AnimalsEdit

Black sheep Bull Cat Chicken Cow Pig Sheep

Catacomb Creatures Edit

Giant bat Giant spider Gorgon Giant rat2

World Map/CatacombsEdit

Cultists Edit

Cultist06 Cultist2 CHarbinger Cultist3 CPriestess Cultist05 Cultist4 Cultist1

Death's Knell Tower Edit

Boonanner Fishsoup Cthing Carrot Lthing Roaster Cthing2


Hell knight Demon lord Greater demon ImpLesser demon Leetdemon

World Map/TrygiaEdit

Forest MonstersEdit

Forest giant Forest troll G glourin2 Leech Wasp01 Wasp03 Wasp04 Wasp02 Glourin2 Gremlin Ogre Slurk


Prisoner Executioner Farmer Guard chief Jester Peasant Peasant01 Royalguard Guard01 Wiz1

Kalaag Prison Edit

Blood Cannibal Prisoner2 Gargoyle Gargoyle2 Bust

World Map/KeldenEdit


Bonepicker Buzzard Desert Tortoise Giant Scorpian Kashani Pilgrim Kashani Trader MummyPile Sand Worm Yellow Snake

World Map/KashanEdit

Mern CreaturesEdit

Buforan Buforan3 Buforan mage Buforan necro Buforan warrior Capling Dragon halfling Dragon hatchling Mandrake Pygmites

World Map/MernEdit

Mount KrokkamEdit

Goat Roc Squall Bigrock

World Map/Mount KrokkamEdit


Boogieman Dollbaby Hodmandod Snarggle Marionette

World Map/NadraEdit


Crystal wraith CrystalineBeetle EmeraldSnail EmeraldWhale

Nyrisiss MapEdit


Blowfish Boogler Hermit1 Hermit2 DoomBlossom FruitBat Giant fruitfly Parrot Deepcrab Fish2 Shaman Hermit3 Bluesnake Totempoll

World Map/Onocoroa MapEdit

Other Monsters Edit

Crypt golem Dirt clod Ghoul Riftwalker Silent one Wraith Skeleton commander Skeleton demon Skeleton Skeletal servant Skeleton warrior Skeleton trash Slave Slavemaster

Orin's Labyrinth Edit

Mino3 Mino2 Mino4 Mino1 White rat Mildew

Seasonal Enemies Edit

Enemies in this category are only encountered on special occasions.

Halloween EnemiesEdit

Pumpkin Spook Hcandy Psycho Scarecrow

The Gift of LaleosEdit
Halloween Unique EnemiesEdit

Lord Lantern Lordlantern2

Winter EnemiesEdit

Snowman Badgift Jackfrost Ice demon

Saint Patrick's Day EnemiesEdit


Easter EnemiesEdit



Zombie Zombie4 Zombie2 Zombie3 Zombie5

Weekend Event EnemiesEdit

This space is reserved for enemies of which only spawn during weekends.

Archwarlock Warlock

Weekend Event Unique NPCs


Unique Enemies Edit

This space is reserved for enemies of which only one exists at any given moment.

Aga Blisterbone2Dragon Greep Goddex Gribelda Kadum Rukan Kazgul Kingy LumpbumpLythroffe Mool Queeny Rotroot Seacilla Spidra Tickles Trumlack Marquis Warden

Unique Event Enemies Edit

Enemies in this category spawned only once during a special event.

Goddex Event Edit

Goddex Sheep Goddex2 Goddex3

Goddex ChronologyEdit

Minor Events Edit

Enemies listed here were only spawned during special events... (That Mo had nothing to do with.)

Rabbit Slurk Dragon Ogre Prisoner2

Server Test September 2009

The Scroll Guardian Edit

The Scroll Guardian spawns either once a new scoll is implemented or when a player loses one of the Scrolls.

Dark avatar

Scroll Guardian HuntingEdit
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