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Demons can be found in Trygia; Go to Pordlegram Tower in Quince Town (37,4), go inside, and enter the rift.
To leave Trygia, go to Abyss Tower and enter the rift.

Demon KnightEdit

Creature Statistics: Demon Knight
Hell knight Hell knight
Description: This pitiless creature is covered in living armor, its battle scars covered with tough new layers.
HP: 75
XP: 60
Karma Change:
Physical Resistance: 6-8
Magical Resistance: ???
Life Supply?: no
Base Damage: 8
Coins Dropped: 40
Items Dropped: Demonic Sword, Demon Trumpet, Trident, Demon Bone
Location: Trygia, Gulgorn's Realm
Other Information:

Demon LordEdit

Creature Statistics: Demon Lord
Demon lord Demon lord
Description: This grotesquely misproportioned creature seems to grimace with disgust and loathing.
HP: 125
XP: 63-71
Karma Change: +2
Physical Resistance: 6-15
Magical Resistance: ???
Life Supply?: no
Base Damage: 3-7
Coins Dropped: 76
Items Dropped: Demon Bone, Demon Skin, Demonic Necklace, Demonic Sword, Demonic Brooch, Demonic Ring, Demon Paw, Sulphur
Location: Trygia
Other Information:

Greater DemonEdit

Creature Statistics: Greater Demon
Greater demon Greater demon
Description: This muscular, brutish creature acts in an erratic animal-like manner. Its heavy limbs seem to move with unusual speed.
HP: 95
XP: 56-57
Karma Change:
Physical Resistance: 2-6
Magical Resistance: ???
Life Supply?: no
Base Damage: 5-10
Coins Dropped: 65
Items Dropped: Demonic Necklace, Demon Skin, Demon Skull, Demon Bone
Location: Trygia
Other Information:


Creature Statistics: Imp
Imp Imp
Description: This joyful little demonic imp cheerfully zips around on bat-like wings, bares its fangs with a tiny grin and chirps innocently as it drools blood
HP: 10
XP: 4
Karma Change: +2
Physical Resistance: 0-1
Magical Resistance: ???
Life Supply?: no
Base Damage: 1
Coins Dropped: 6
Items Dropped: Imp Wings
Location: Trygia
Other Information:

Lesser DemonEdit

Creature Statistics: Lesser Demon
Lesser demon Lesser demon
Description: This maniacal, tittering creature looks frail and lanky though it's blood stained claws tell a different story.
HP: 25
XP: 24
Karma Change: +2
Physical Resistance: 3-7
Magical Resistance: ???
Life Supply?: no
Base Damage: 4-6
Coins Dropped: 23
Items Dropped: Thigh Bone, Demon Skin, Demon Paw, Sulphur
Location: Trygia
Other Information:

Trygian ViceroyEdit

Creature Statistics: Trygian Viceroy
Leetdemon Leetdemon
Description: This elite and aggravated-looking demonic entity seems to take offense at everything around it. It hisses and squirms at the mere presence of other beings.
HP: 200-220
Karma Change:
Physical Resistance:
Magical Resistance: ???
Life Supply?: no
Base Damage:
Coins Dropped: 311
Items Dropped: Demonic Brooch ,Demonic Necklace, Trygian Banner, Vile Ooze
Location: Trygia
Other Information:
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