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Winter EnemiesEdit

Abhorable SnowmanEdit

Creature Statistics: Abhorable Snowman
Snowman Snowman
Description: This obese, malevelont creature is made of hard-packed snow. It cracks and pops its bloody wooden arms as it moves its immense weight. Its coal eyes glow as red as the fires of Trygia, its carrot nose twitching at the scent of prey.
HP: 1000-1500
XP: 1000-1500
Karma Change: ???
Physical Resistance: ???
Magical Resistance: ???
Life Supply?: ???
Base Damage: ???
Coins Dropped: 4300
Items Dropped: Ice Helmet, Ice Ring, Ice Shield Snowflake Pin, Holiday Present, Lump Of Coal, Carrot, Sticks
Location: Respawns at (8,8) and (39,39) once killed
Other Information: At least 2 Snowmen, Winter Event

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