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There will be special happenings on Halloween for whomsoever walks the realm of Dragonspires on that day. This will include Halloween-only creatures, new items, Halloween-only items, and items that will only be available on Halloween of this year!

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Watch for special monsters! You'll find a list of them Here!

The StoryEdit

Legend tells of a young farm boy named Laleos, whose destitute family lived on the brink of starvation for as long as he could recall. Though nearly devoid of hope, this young lad kept faith in Heffren, paying tribute with what little he could manage in hopes that she would turn his family's land from barren to fertile for the next growing season.

After leaving Heffren's temple one cold autumn night, Laleos was approached by a kindly, cloaked old man standing just outside the temple doors. The old man said that he had heard Laleos' impassioned prayers for help, and returned bearing a gift... A single seed from which a variety of foliage would sprout. The cloaked man promised thick groves of fruit trees, fields of wheat, and rows upon rows of vegetables.

After a lifetime of disappointment and desolation, Laleos was more than a little skeptical. Still, he had faith that Heffren would take care of him, and that this might indeed be her doing.

Laleos did indeed plant the seed out in the dry, dead soil of his family's farm. Watering the spot with handfuls of rain water, Laleos went home and did not speak a word of this to his parents, uncles, or siblings.

By morning, a great carpet of rich grass had spread across the farm. So lush and green was the grass that it attracted the woodland creatures and the insects.

By noon, fat, ripe vegetables sprang forth. Great trees grew and thick patches of wheat reached toward the heavens. Flocks of birds and curious rodents enjoyed some of the bounty.

By nightfall, the trees bore fruit. The vegetables reached perfection, and the wheat was ready for harvesting. Crowds of villagers who had heard of the miracle spread throughout the farmland. Great hunger that had beset the land was satiated.

As Laleos and his family surveyed the throngs of villagers, milling insects, nesting birds, and scurrying rodents, it became apparent that their newfound crops were in danger. There was more than enough to go around, but what then?

With knives and scythes, Laleos' parents killed and drove out the woodland creatures and the rodents.

With arrows and sticks, Laleos and his siblings killed and drove out the birds and the insects.

With swords and daggers, Laleos' uncles killed and drove out the villagers.

By midnight, Laleos and his family were left alone with their spoils. A great rain came down upon them, washing away blood. A great bean pod split open before them, from which Heffren emerged, bathed in blue petals.

Laleos and his family dropped their weapons as Heffren voiced her disappointment. The seed was indeed a gift from her, but was delivered by the dark god of lies, Cezil. Cezil had heard of Laleos' plight and gone to Heffren with a wager. Believing in the good nature of mortals, Heffren took Cezil's offer.

If Laleos' family showed kindness and charity, Cezil would forever strike those who work the land from his list of victims. If the family showed anger and greed, Heffren would allow him to rule one day of the Autumnal season. Autumn is most enjoyed by the darker deities because it symbolizes death. (As opposed to the rebirth of spring, life of Summer, and stasis of Winter.)

The kindly looking old man Laleos had spoken to emerged from the shadows and Heffren disappeared into the dark woods. Pulling back his hood and dropping his robe to the ground, Cezil now stood before them. The great creature of shadow and teeth clapped its mighty hands together.

As the thunderous clap echoed, all of the vegetables broke open and rotted. The great trees cracked and fell. The fields of wheat burned. This was the beginning of Cezil's rightfully earned day of rule. Strange beasts and chilling wraiths were set upon all mortals on this day. Inexplicable occurrences plagued them, and more than a fair share of them disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.

Such was the legacy of Laleos and his misguided kin, who were turned to great stones by Heffren. Though it seemed to many as a punishment, she regarded it as a second (albeit undeserved) gift. As such, they would never have want for food again, nor would they contemplate the misery they had brought upon their fellow mortals.

To this day, Cezil rules on that same night in Autumn every year. On this night, mortals have been known to wear elaborate costumes and masks. Some dress as such to confuse the creatures said to stalk that night. Others dress as such to pay tribute to Cezil and his great trick, for only he would be able to see and exploit the darkness in a child.

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