What is The Great Boss Hunt?Edit


Travel the beautiful realms of Dragonspires and see the sights.

A chance to meet all of the great monsters - and kill them (repeatedly!)

  • This information is brought to you courtesy of the Great Underground Empire
  • Your chief tour guides: Larissa, Steel Reserve and Dwork the Orc
  • Members of GUE should send a sandwich to Steel Reserve (on Overlord Forum) to be included in the next great Tour

The Boss ListEdit

Crypt golem

This section tells you were the boss can be found - and some basic stats

  • Damage tells you how much it hurts: (P) indicates physical damage; (M) means magic
  • The Camp is the closest GUE trusting location (may be the location of a temporary camp) Sorry DOAD - you'll have to make your own camp :)
  • The Monument keeps your BPs up
  • The Healtherie provides bandages to keep you healthy
  • The Temple's there in case you miscalculate!

Unless otherwise stated, co-ordinates are in the main realm.

Realm Boss HPResistanceDamageSpawnsCampMonumentHealtherieTemple
NadraAganord1190~2-515-30 (P)Nadra 10,10Nadra 9,926,4326,4532,29
NadraLythroffe2104-79-18 (P)Nadra 5,5Nadra 9,926,4326,4532,29
NadraGribelda1001-59-8 (P)Nadra 15,16Nadra 9,926,4326,4532,29
MernGreen Dragon3007-109-20 (P&M)Mern 3,6Mern 5,831,1635,2425,26
KashanKadum Rukan1000~3-1516-28 (P&M)Kashan 5,5Kashan 2,623,15Keshan 3,3 & 29,1228,15
GulgornTrumlack21005-613-18Gulgorn's 2,427,2726,27 / 25,30 / 29,22 / 22,2127,30 / 27,2125,26
Main Blisterbone1002-77-20 (P&M)In 45,25 at 2,344,2346,2849,25 / 41,2745,15
CatacombsSpidra Arcanna952-78-18 +nippersSubcatacombs 10,3Golden Elk 8,104,8 / 3,18,2 / 5,81,5
MernRot Root1007-84-731,21Mern 5,831,1635,2425,26
MainWarden Pyke230~3-8 (?)3-104,485,4910,45 / 5,417,45 / 2,42?,?
Tilleria'sKazgul50005-924-32Tilleria 31,31 ????
MainCrypt Golem15008-14 (?)12-28 (P&M)8,379,3710,36 / 11,387,37 / 3,3913,27
Trygian MinesTrygian Slavemaster1203-10Slaves!Mines (4 spots)Mines 3,534,4 / 36,9Trygia 1,1/ 6,9Trygia 36,4

Getting PlacesEdit

OK - where are these realms and how to I get there?


  • Map: Nadra
  • Getting there: Go to Kusser Cemetary [29,43] and enter the portal.
  • Getting back: Go to [10,20] in Nadra and enter the portal there (leads you back to Kusser Cemetary)

Lythroffe Gribelda

Trygian MinesEdit

  • Map: Trygian Mines
  • Getting there: You have to pass two portals. First take the portal to Trygia inside Pordlegram Tower [37,4]. Then go to the battlefield at [4,3] and enter the crack.
  • Getting back: from the Mines enter the crack at [4,3] and leave Trygia by entering the rift at [3,1].
  • Note: Slave masters are accompanied by slaves, who do lots of damage protecting their master



Kadum Rukan
  • Map: Kashan
  • Getting there: Enter the portal at the garden in [25,16],
  • Getting back: Leave through the portal at [4,4].


  • Map: Mern
  • Getting there: Go to the clearing at [31,21] and enter the portal
  • Getting back: Go to [4,1] in Mern and enter the portal there

Dragon halfling

Gulgorn's Realm Edit

  • Map: Gulgorn's Realm
  • Getting there: You need an Idol of Gulgorn as portal key (not in first inventory slot). Enter portal at the Temple of Gulgorn at [25,26]
  • Getting back: To leave again just use the blue portal at 2,2.
  • Note: It’s a good idea to deposit an Idol of Gulgorn in your vault [29,28]. If you die in Gulgorn's Realm you can get out, but will need an idol (not in first slot!) to get in again and reclaim your belongings.


  • Map: Catacombs
  • Getting there: check: Spidra_Arcanna_Hunting or take a portal directly into the SE corner of the maze by having a portal key on you in the form of a giant spider fang
  • Gettingg back: walk or recall!
  • Notes: beware of large spider groups in the same tile if you have weak defensive armour

Giant spider Giant spider Giant spider Giant spider Giant spider

Tilleria’s RealmEdit

  • Map: Tilleria’s Realm The map does not help much, since you have to go through the portals and are teleported back and fro all the time.
  • Getting there: This is tricky. First of all you need to have an Idol of Tilleria, to open the portal in the Temple of Tilleria [45,15]. Then you need a second item, a rift cape to get to Kazgul. Rift Capes are dropped by Rift Walkers who are everywhere in Tilleria's Realm. Most tricky is the navigation within the twisted maze and portals.
    • Route by portal color: GGRR RGRG GGGG RGGG GGRG RRRR RRRR GGGG B
    • Route by co-ordinates: 1,2 to 1,5 to 1,8 to 1,11 to 4,14 to 5,16 to 1,14 to 1,17 to 4,20 to 1,20 to 1,23 to 1,26 to 5,25 to 4,23 to 7,26 to 14,26 to 16,26 to 19,27 to 20,22 to 20,20 to 23,16 to 23,13 to 20,7 to 22,8 to 26,10 to 26,14 to 26,20 to 26,23 to 22,23 to 21,25 to 25,25
  • Getting back: recall
  • Note: Best keep an additional idol in your vault for the case of dying and wanting to visit a temple. You can enter the Realm only with an idol.

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