A small and concise list of basic actions and cheap gears required to survive the first two weeks in the realm. Total cost: 150 coins.


Sturdy Wooden Swords: At last, a toy that does get you killed.

= First XP and Coins -

To begin doing points and getting coins to buy your receipt, go to any Clinic, search for a lot of Bandage, and after that go to the North/East, in the little lake between Drokmoore and Quince Town, where you can find a lot of crabs, fishs, giant rats, and so on. Even with your Sturdy Wooden Sword you probably will be able to get some XP and Coins, to buy your weapons and Shields.

1) WeaponsEdit

  • the Long Staff : Initially overlooked due to the fact that it was rather low-cost and sounded slightly colorless when compared with other available weapons at yet the price-performance ratio remains unmatched.
  • Where to buy: Armorys
  • Price: 40 coins
  • for the base statistics and more info check the items page:Long Staff

Additional information: The Long Staff also comes with 5 sockets which can be upgraded at your local Blacksmith shop and will of course enhance the base stats accordingly.

However, at the very beginning of the game, when you will need to kill rats, fishes, scrabs, bats, and peasants to acquire sufficient XP and coins, the best price-performance weapon is the short staff, the little brother of the Long Staff. While this has a rate performance of 50% against little creatures, with the Short Staff it is possible to acquire a sounding 80%. The Short Staff is not usefull agains Town Guards, Royal Guards and that stronger creatures. But, against little creatures it is much more effective than the Long Staff, and it is cheaper, 30 coins.

  • Where to buy: Armorys
  • Price: 30 coins
  • for the base statistics and more info check the items page:Short Staff

The whole upgrading process is expensive and often nerve-wreckingly hazardous so you might want to keep that option for later on when you literally drown in cash and experience points.

Comparison Of Blunt Weapons

Comparison Of Bladed Weapons

2) DefenseEdit

  • Where to buy: Armorys
  • Price: 50 coins
  • for the base statistics and more info check the items page:Iron Shield

Additional information: This shield come with 3 sockets which can be upgraded at the Blacksmith shop, you will be able to enhance either Defense, Thorn Damage, Magic Attack or Magic Defense later on when you have the money, xp and the right component items.

3) Light SourcesEdit

Both can be switched on when you enter a dark area like the catacombs and off when you want to be able to hide.

  • Where to buy: General Store
  • Price: 20 coins for the lantern, 10 coins for the torch

Additional informations: All light sources are equal, from the cheapest Torch to the baroque Gigantic Jack O Lantern the results are absolutely the same. Note that after each death, the Light Source gets automatically switched off.

4) Communication ToolsEdit

Worth every penny as it will allow you to communicate with other players. You will notice that you can switch it on to talk with the playerbase or off if you want to take a little rejuvenating break from the menagerie.

Note that after each death, the Telepath Crystal gets automatically switched off.

Your ReceiptEdit

Total : 150 coins or 140 coins


A lot of Bandage could be find at any Clinic. If you enter at one and stay searching and searching, you will find Bandage, including a lot of Large Bandage. Although this is a boring action, it is the only way to survive and be able to fight a lot against that little creatures that hit you so much, and take out so much of your precious HP points.

First Skill after choose classEdit

And to let that Bandage searching out, as your First Skill, after you choose your class, I recommend the Necromancer ability Leech Life, independent of your class you can use abilities of another classes. With this ability you will receive small HP bonus for damage dealt.

As an example, this fight with a Giant Orange Crab, in which I begin with HP - 47/60

You try to hit a Giant Orange Crab with your Short Staff but miss. A Giant Orange Crab hits you for 1 damage. You hit a Giant Orange Crab with a Short Staff for 4 damage and leech 1 HP. A Giant Orange Crab hits you for 3 damage. You hit a Giant Orange Crab with a Short Staff for 5 damage and leech 2 HP. You hit a Giant Orange Crab with a Short Staff for 3 damage and leech 1 HP. » You kill a Giant Orange Crab and find 10 coins on the corpse.

And finished with the same 47/60.

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