The Quick XP Diet

Hunt to gain the first few levels

G glourin

  • Level 1 to 10
  • Easy to kill NPCs
  • Highest HP-XP ratio
  • Survive the first 10 lvl

Indispensable Items:

NPCs selected for the project:

Level 1-10


  • Survive the first 10 levels
  • Get accustomed to the game
  • Learn how to use coordinates

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The Giant Orange and Blue CrabEdit
      Giant crab   Giant blue crab

Still ranking astonishingly high amongs the best XP per BP providers in the realm, those rather large crustaceans are also amongs the easiest to kill.
To consult their statistics, click the following links:

a) What type of gear corresponds best?

Since both types of crab have a rather low health status (HP: 10-15), a rudimentary arsenal (cost for a Long Staff is 40 coins) is fully sufficient.

b) What healing item do we use?

c) What are their stats?
Learn about their statistics (how hard the hit you, what HP they have, how much XP they hand you) by clicking the following links:

c) Locate the Crabs on the map
At the time we are speaking, there are two spawn places for the types of crabs that we are interested in, both Badsley Lake (the shores here are abundant with crustaceans) and the rather small Peasy Lake.

Badsley Lake borders on following areas (click the name of the villages to see their maps)

Peasy lake can be located in both:

d) Bonus (besides the gained XP)

The Giant GlourinEdit
         G glourin

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