The Quick XP Diet

Hunt to gain the first few levels

  • Level 1 to 10
  • Easy to kill NPCs
  • Highest HP-XP ratio
  • Survive the first 10 lvl

Indispensable Items:

NPCs selected for the project:

Level 1-10


  • Survive the first 10 levels
  • Get accustomed to the game
  • Learn how to use coordinates

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The RoasterEdit

Still relatively new, Roasters do have a terrific high XP per BP rate.
Careful though, they hit rather virulently.
To consult their statistics, click the following link:

a) What type of gear corresponds best?

Since Roasters have a rather low health status (HP: 10-15), a rudimentary arsenal (cost for a Long Staff is 40 coins) is fully sufficient.

b) What healing item do we use?

c) What are their stats?
Learn about their statistics (how hard the hit you, what HP they have, how much XP they hand you) by clicking the following links:

d) Locate Roasters on the Map
While not as commonplace as for instance Giant Orange Crabs and Giant Blue Crabs, they still spawn in regular enough intervals as to be of interest for this project. Locating those NPCs will require for us to step out of the main map and enter a new realm; Death's Knell Tower, if you follow this trajectory:

  • Locate Death's Knell Tower (45,25)
  • Enter the Tower
  • Enter the Door
  • Once inside Death's Knell Tower, venture until you reach the Kitchen which is where, traditionally, Roasters spawn.

e) Bonus (besides the gained XP)

Additional Note: The Candle is the activator for the secret passage in Death's Knell Tower (11,8) leading to the Chamber of Torment and to the Offal Duct via the Gore Filled Passage.

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