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Basic InformationEdit

The Three Crown war was a long-lasting conflict concerning the possession of three crowns made from the three eyes of the Noctung, a unique and malevolent entity that was felled by the Gods in a time before history. The conflict that followed afterward took place long ago in the history of Dragonspires.

It is said that before the existence of the realm, there was a living nothingness. A being unfathomable who went mad and turned itself inside out, giving existance to all things. Noctung was believed to be born of the being's foul heart, and possessed powers that rivaled those of the Gods themselves. Such a grave threat had to be destroyed, and indeed Noctung was slain by a combined effort of the Gods, begrudgingly allied by the common threat. Such a unification has never occurred since.

Yiella removed the great beast's eyes as a trophy from the kill, something she would soon regret. Being the focal point of the creature's power, even a single eye tainted the power of a God, causing sickness to any among them that possessed it. Yiella discarded the eyes, which were soon scavenged by Cezil who, despite the danger even to himself, decided to place them with his followers. Cezil was of the opinion that anything able to weaken his kind was worth having... just in case.

Careful to disguise the items, Cezil's followers melted the eyes down and created three crowns from the metal-like material. These precious items went unspoken of for many ages until a random pillaging uncovered them, and the secret was told to the pillagers under threat of death.

The pillagers, however, were not to possess these treasures for very long. Word got out, as it often does, and the group was struck down by legions of opposing factions, each seeking to possess the crowns.

The factions' leaders agreed to divide the artifacts amongst themselves. This would have been a very amicable deal were there not four groups and three crowns.

Each leader came forth, stating that they surely deserved to possess at least one of the crowns, if not all. Every leader was completely assured of their entitlement to one of the crowns.

Though debate and discussion raged on for days, no conclusion would be honored by whichever faction was left out. Distrust and frustration churned in the belly of every man. Eventually, war broke out between the massive groups.

The Three Crown war had begun.

The CrownsEdit

The crowns themselves carried ancient, powerful magic. Each crown gave anyone who wore it unearthly power tied to the sight of Noctung.

The Pointed CrownEdit

Formed with great regal spires, this crown gave its wearer sight through deception. This granted the wearer the ability to see people and things for what they truly were, be it a liar's words pouring forth as offal or a poisoned goblet's contents as bubbling gore.

The Jeweled CrownEdit

Set with precious gems, this crown gave its wearer sight through distances. This granted the wearer the ability to see for any distance in any direction they chose to look, unobstructed by physical masses.

The Engraved CrownEdit

Engraved with beautiful swirling patterns, this crown gave its wearer sight through time. This granted the wearer the ability to actually witness past and future events in whatever area they stood.

The PlayersEdit

Historical groups and figures majorly involved in the Three Crown war.

Adori LiberationEdit

Usually known for their empathetic and kind nature, the Adori are not often seen in battle. There are however rogues among them that reject the ways of their brethren and seek to destroy the civilizations their kind have built. They see this as "liberation" from the strict code of ethics and compassion they were raised under.


The conniving and callous leader of the Adori Liberation. Lilthik served only himself, though he had past dealings with the goddess Tilleria. He deviously commanded his men to ride out in front of the other factions, not to be the first to face danger, but to drop thorns and poison the others' horses. His full Adori name was "Lilthik who pushes eggs from the dove's nest", which clearly illustrates his nature.


Childhood friend and confidant of Lilthik, Nllg rose through the ranks of the Adori Liberation one step behind his compatriot. Slightly slow in thought, Nllg's single-mindedness came in handy when a particularly brutal task needed to be completed. It is widely known that when a giant serpent dared block Lilthik's path, Nllg took to strangling the beast's thick neck with his bare hands. During the four hours it took to extinguish the serpent, Lilthik watched from close by. He then chastised Nllg for wasting so much of his time.

Servants of the WormEdit

Loyal followers of Gulgorn, the Servents of the Worm were a widely feared and universally hated band of killers and vandals. Known for being entirely unreasonable, those in its ranks inspired stories of cannibalism and torture. These tales seemed tame in comparison to first hand accounts from survivors of their raids.


Lead fighter in the Servants of the Worm, Nikodemus created and mastered a certain style of fighting. This style centered around the idea of coming into combat with empty fists and modest garb, using an opponent's weapons, armor, and surroundings against him. Since Servants of the Worm are well-known for power lust, Nikodemus' leadership was often challenged. This fact reduced the number of living members more than some battles, as all who stood before Nikodemus met a very quick demise.


A long time servant of Gulgorn, Scarback was an accomplished mage warrior with a penchant for destruction. Scarback's name is a reference to the hideous gashes across his back. They were left by the talons of a great demonic beast that grasped at him as he escaped a level of Trygia none dared travel to before or since. It is said that Scarback pickled the hearts of his worst enemies and ate of them to help inspire him in his next insane quest.

The Circle of ValorEdit

Mostly comprised of honorable warriors, the Circle of Valor was a short-lived group with noble motivations. Their choices, however, were not always the most intelligent. For the most part its members went on to be celebrated in song, though this was only possible because they all ended up dying in very interesting ways. Followers of Sigmut's teachings, their major flaw laid in expecting their enemy to follow the same rules of engagement. That said, the Circle of Valor did contain many of the greatest champions ever known.


Born of royalty, only to forsake his birthright to study the art of battle. Seeking to learn from the greatest warriors of his time, he made many journeys to many different lands. Perhaps the most perilous trial he faced was convincing the various masters to train him instead of ending his life on the spot. Where payment fell short, Joselry's tenacity prevailed. Joselry's drive for victory above all else made him very popular with his fellow warriors. Never one to give in to an opponent, he fought bravely and honorably, much to the disdain of the dark ones he faced.

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