Temple Coords: [45,15] Taisel Village

All-consuming madness is the ultimate pleasure of Tilleria. She enjoys the poking and prodding of mortal minds - always to the very brink, then straight off into the abyss. It is not uncommon for Tilleria to "play" with the minds of those who are teetering on the edge of insanity, watching with the utmost attention and delight before giving them a final soft push with her little finger.

Not simply content to delight in the manipulation of waking minds, Tilleria is also a driving force behind the most violent and disturbing nightmares. Legend says that she drinks from a cup used to catch the blood of executed madmen. She then kisses the lips of slumbering mortals to bring about horrific night terrors. These gripping traumas often leave mortals mindless, raving lunatics for the rest of their days.

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