This is a list of upcoming features and changes that have not yet been implimented. Feel free to prematurely discuss them via this page's discussion page!

Telepath Channels

Create a system in which players can communicate on channels using the Telepath crystal. Channels would most likely consist of three or four letters, so players can chat on the 'PKs' channel, or the 'OOC' channel, etc.


Add remaining Skills. Duh.

Shop Ordering

A method through which shop items would be organized for easier purchasing.

For example, you go to shop and see:

  1. - Shoes
  2. - Hats

And then you select 1 and see:


  1. - Boots
  2. - Sandals

And so on.


Neutral Spells

Invisibility - Consider it "Hiding" as it is now, detectable only by people who use magic/skill/whatever to sense present entities. IE: One step up from hiding in that you can't be "Search"ed. Maybe it takes 1 MP per X minuts to keep it up.

Curse Item - An item flagged as "Cursed" will have its attributes nullified. On other words, if it's armor, it's protection is 0 to 0. If it's bandages, it will heal for 0 when used. You'll still be able to attack with a cursed Scimitar, for example, but you will have 100% less chance of hitting. There should be another spell/skill to sense curses. This is all about the item. If I sell you a cursed Scimitar and you find out, you can just drop it and get another when you realize it, then find and kill me for doing that. Alternately, items stats could be reduced but not set to Zero. Keeping cursed items on your person would be a good way to spite looters.


Create Portal - This would need a big cost. Create a portal to any outdoor location's coords, stays open for X amount of time, at which point X number of people can go through. Needs some sort of counterbalance to keep it from being abused. Perhaps the portal closes if the person who created it dies.


It was planned that at one point players would have container items in which they can keep a set number or type of items. It'd be used to enlarge your inventory capability.


A Sheath you can keep "sword" type items in.
A Gem pouch you can keep gems in.
A Quiver you can keep arrows in.

Magic Conductors

There are two magic conductors in the game so far. Thigh bone and Magician Wand. You'd need to posess a magic conductor before you can cast an offensive Spell. (like lightning or fireball.) They would wear down with use, low-quality ones wearing faster than high-quality.

Weapon Wear

Weapons 'wear out', at which point you'd need to take it to any Blacksmith to get it fixed for a set price. This would also apply to magic conductors, taken to a magic shop. This would not be frequent enough to ruin gameplay or frustrate users. Futhermore, weapons will not simply break, they would only decrease in effectiveness if a user ignores messages concerning the item's state. Weapons made of different materials may have different rates of wear.

Additional monster motion.


Moving Creature that avoids certain tiles (for ones that avoid water, guard towers, etc.) Right now they only know where they CAN go. This would tell them to go anywhere BUT certain tiles. Some creatures should have a % chance of fleeing combat instead of attacking. IE: They either attack or run away. Good for things like sheep, Mandrakes, etc. Give people a bit of a work out chasing them. ;)


This will probably be applied to other areas not relating to poison, but this will work as such:

A player with the appropriate items (mortar and pestle, ingredients) can create poisons of varying types. All ingredients would be searchable/buyable/sellable.

For example if you mix up something with an orange swamp mushroom, you might get paralysis posion. When applied to a bladed weapon or dart, anyone you attack successfully with that weapon would then be poisoned.

This will probably mostly be used by folks who want to stop spammers, etc. Mix up some poison that mutes someone's voice for a period of time, put it on a dart, and shoot it at someone. Boom, they can't speak for a period of time.

Possible poison effects:

  • General poison, damage per action performed, capped damage amount. (orange mushroom)
  • Blurred Vision, decrease attack success rate.
  • Swelled Throat, mute Player, time limit.
  • Loss of Focus, magic point drain per action performed, capped amount.
  • Paralyzation, player goes unconscious for one refresh term (5 min). (giant spider fang)
  • Dilerium, player's world view damaged, time limit.
  • Muddled Thought, magic spell success rate reduced, time limit.

All poisons would have a cure. All effects above could be thwarted by application of said cure. (additionally, there could be a spell that dispells any poison for higher level folks.)

Some poisons could have a chance of being applied in successfull attacks of some monsters. Example: Paralyzation for Giant Spider bite.

Shop increase and decrease in item value

I'd like to eventually have a system in place where items not often bought in a particular shop (attatched to coords) go down in price and items more often bought go up in price.

By the same token, an item often sold there would go down in paid-out fee while an item not often sold would increase in pay-out.

There would of course need to be a cap. Perhaps a fluctuation of 25% of price either way. Would need to be gradual or slow enough to mimic real life increase or decrease in supply and demand.

Approval Guilds

Additional type of recruiting for guilds, allowing anyone to join, but they have to be approved by the leader or anyone who has been given the recruiter abilities in the guild.

Elitist B*stard Guilds

Additional type of guild recruiting where player can let anyone join - as long as they are a specific class or level. IE: A guild could let anyone above level 20 join, or let any warrior join, etc.

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