A store that sells tools.

Bill of GoodsEdit

Name Buy Sell Description
Bucket 3 0 This is a large metal bucket. Or is it? Yeah, It is.
Hatchet 30 0 This is a small hatchet with a wooden handle.
Pickaxe 70 0 This is a sturdy pickaxe with wooden handle.
Scythe 80 0 This scythe has a lengthy curved blade and sturdy wooden handle.
Lantern 20 0 This is a small handheld lantern.
Pitchfork 25 0 This is a sturdy pitchfork with four sharp iron prongs and wooden handle.
Shovel 25 0 This is a sturdy shovel with steel head and long wooden handle. Just can't seem to get enough of these.
Knife 5 0 This is a small knife.
Steel Shaft 20 0 This is a thick, long steel shaft. It appears useful as an impromptu weapon. There are many rivets along its length.


Store Name Coords Town
Hilda's Tool Shop (10,4) Main Town
Armin's Tool Shop (17,9) Mallidae Village
Geyden's Tool Shop (29,5) Thones Village
Rust's Tool Shop (41,1) Alesville
Kickley Tool Shop (21,17) Fenrin Village
Goldhound's Tool Shop (20,28) Thones Village
Hanbit's Tool Shop (30,25) Arkwood
Marble's Tool Shop (39,24) Tamesden Town
Bandar's Tool Shop (48,26) Hornet Town
Chapper Tool Shop (9,35) Shokan Hills
Dransen Tool Shop (23,34) Maiden Village
Gamwether's Tool Shop (37,35) Redstone
Cassen's Tool Shop (36,39) Redstone
Quoddle Tool Shop (49,32) Magog Village
Clemen's Tool Shop (6,43) Kelden
Angkrey's Tool Shop (28,47) Nillywood Town
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