Weak NPCsEdit

This is a list of the best NPCs to get XP from. They are all weak and easy to cow if you can find enough of them together.

Roaster 2.93xp/hp

Blowfish 1.8xp/hp

Giant Orange Crab 1.4xp/hp

Giant Glourin 1.3xp/hp

Giant Wasp 1.25xp/hp

Hodmandod 1.25xp/hp

Giant Fruitfly 1.23xp/hp

Boonanner 1.15xp/hp

Tough NPCsEdit

This is a list of Tougher NPCs They may have a high physical resistance. It is suggested that you have at least 100 HP and be prepared for the fight. Also note that hitting mobs with a physical resistance can slow your XP gain. However if you use magic on them they can be good XP.

Bouillabaisse 1.65xp/hp

Executioner 1.65xp/hp

Giant Wasp Soldier 1.5xp/hp

Giant Wasp Drone 1.17xp/hp

Sand Worm 1.11xp/hp

Giant Sea Crab 1.15xp/hp

Giant Wasp Queen 1.09xp/hp

Unique NPCsEdit

This is a list of Unique NPCs. They are much tougher than ordinary NPCs. Except for Gribelda these are the some of the toughest NPCs on the game. Besides giving great XP these NPCs also drop rare stuff.

Kazgul 2xp/hp

Aganord 1.43xp/hp

Kadum Rukan 1.2xp/hp

Gribelda 1.1xp/hp

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