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Keep in mind that these are not necessarily all caused by the same things. Some might be caused by a spell, some by an item. Some might be caused by an NPC, some by a curse or blessing.

Some may be combined together in certain spells, etc.

Blah blah.

Assume "friends" also means guildmates, etc.

Sitting, Standing, Etc.Edit

Ways your character is positioned. For example a "slip" attack might make you take harm and lie down, after which you must "stand". Most of these will probably never go in.

  1. Crouching
    • 15% harder to hit?
    • Can use ranged, thrown, pole weapons.
    • Must stand before walking or doing other physical activities.
  2. Lying Down
    • BP regen increased by 2 per refresh.
    • Must move to sitting before standing & doing physical activities.
  3. Lying Prone
    • 20% harder to hit?
    • Harder to find while hiding.
    • Can use ranged weapons, such as bows.
    • Must stand before walking or doing other physical activities.
  4. Sitting
    • BP regen increased by 1 per refresh.
    • Must stand before walking or doing physical activities.
  5. Standing
    • Everthing is normal!

Non-Recurring EffectsEdit

One-time effects upon a player. These are more or less simple one-shot reductions of stats, etc.


  1. Harm - Player loses X HP.
  2. Rob - Player loses X Gold.
  3. Sap - Player loses X MP.
  4. Stun - Player loses X BP.


  1. Enrich - Player gains Gold. (In relation to "Rob" effect only. IE: Spell "Robs" enemies, then "Enriches" friends same amount.)
  2. Focus - Player gains X MP.
  3. Heal - Player gains X HP.
  4. Rejuvinate - Player gains X BP.

Lasting EffectsEdit

Effects upon a player that cause a "state" that needs to be undone or wears off. Assume that all of these are on a timed basis.


  1. Alienated - Player sees jumbled player and NPC names, and obsfuscated discussion.
  2. Blinded - Player always sees map view as if in the dark, light source has no effect.
  3. Bound - Player is unable to do any action until they or someone else breaks them free by attacking the binding item. Each attack upon the player also counts against binding item.
  4. Clumsy - Player takes damage when attacking others relative to harm done.
  5. Dazzled - Player cannot attack whomever dazzled them.
  6. Deafened - Player cannot hear discussion.
  7. Dimwitted - Player recieves less XP than normal.
  8. Disoriented - Player is unable to effectively target attacks, which target against a random player or NPC in their presence.
  9. Distracted - Player casts spells for a higher MP cost.
  10. Distrustful - Player cannot give postive status effects to friends.
  11. Forgetful - Player cannot cast spells.
  12. Frantic - Player loses MP in relation to HP lost.
  13. Frightened - Player will fail in one attack against anyone present when they are made frightened.
  14. Frozen - Player is unable to do any action or be attacked until they or someone else breaks the ice by attacking it.
  15. Grounded - Player cannot traverse realms.
  16. Halucinating - Player sees NPCs/Player Names that are not actually there.
  17. Helpless - Player does not recieve positive status effects from friends.
  18. Impatient - Player casts spells for less damage.
  19. Inverted - Player takes any ill magic effect they try to inflict on others.
  20. Lethargic - Player uses twice the BP per action.
  21. Maddened - Player's attempt at actions (aside from movement) always result in attacking a random player/NPC on the tile.
  22. Malnourished - Player recieves no health from food items.
  23. Meek - Player loses control of pets/servants.
  24. Muted - Player cannot communicate.
  25. Negligent - Player's magical attacks instead target friends on tile.
  26. Paralyzed - Player is unable to do any action until they are attacked.
  27. Petty - Player cannot give items or gold to others.
  28. Shocked - Player has a chance of any given action simply failing.
  29. Stuck - Player is stuck on current tile.
  30. Terrified - Player cannot attack anyone who was present when player is made terrified.
  31. Unfocused - Player cast spells with less efficiency.
  32. Unskilled - Player loses (access to) all skills.
  33. Unsteady - Player hits with less success.
  34. Vexed - Player recieves less items, skins, and gold from NPCs, worse stealing odds.
  35. Volatile - Player causes harm to friends on tile when killed.
  36. Vulnerable - Player recieves reduced armor defense.
  37. Weakened - Player hits for less damage.


  1. Centered - Player recieves MP in relation to HP lost to normal harm.
  2. Cooled - Player takes less negative effect from heat effects, cannot be burned (set on fire).
  3. Emboldened - Player is immune to effects that would otherwise cause them to not be able to attack someone who terrifies or dazzles them.
  4. Exhilirated - Player recieves BP in relation to HP lost to normal harm.
  5. Hardy - Player is immune to bleeding.
  6. Hidden - Player is hidden from sight.
  7. Hulked - Player recieves a small gain in damage they can do (with cap) each time they are harmed.
  8. Immaterial - Player cannot do actions to others or have actions done to them.
  9. Immune - Player cannot recieve infection.
  10. Inspired - Player recieves bonus XP ontop of any gained.
  11. Invisible - Player cannot be seen until they do an action to another.
  12. Invulnerable - Player cannot be harmed until they harm another.
  13. Lucid - Player cannot be affected by MP sapping.
  14. Lucky - Player recieves more drops, skins, and gold from NPCs, better stealing odds.
  15. Masochistic - Player recieves small MP and BP bonus when negative effects are caused to them. (Does not work against stunning/sapping respectively.)
  16. Prismatic - Player refracts weakened versions of any spell cast on them toward non-friends in their presence.
  17. Quickened - Player attacks multiple times with one attempt.
  18. Rigged - Player causes harm to non-friends on tile when killed.
  19. Sensitive - Player cannot recieve negative effects to their senses.
  20. Unbound - Player is unbindable.
  21. Warmed - Player takes less negative effect from cold effects, cannot be frozen.

Recurring EffectsEdit

Effects upon a player that occur more than once, on a timed or action basis.


  1. Bleeding - Player loses HP per action until healed.
  2. Burning - Player loses HP per action until fire dissipates, is put out, or player dies. Armor can reduce damage.
  3. Corroding - Player loses HP per action until acid dissolves, player is cured or player dies. Armor cannot reduce damage.
  4. Daydreaming - Player loses MP per refresh.
  5. Infected - Player loses HP per refresh until player is cured or dies.


  1. Beautiful - Player has a chance of dazzling others each refresh.
  2. Caustic - Player does damage to all non-friends in their presence per refresh.
  3. Horrific - Player has a chance of terrifying others each refresh.
  4. Recovering - Player gains HP per refresh.

Stature EffectsEdit

Effects upon a player's physical size, etc.

  1. Anthromorphed - Player is converted to an animal of some sort.
  2. Burrowing - Player is below the ground.
  3. Gigantic - Player is larger than average.
  4. Levitating - Player is above the ground.
  5. Tiny - Player is smaller than average.


Just a few short examples of the above.

Yeti Drool (Item Example) - When added to a poison, the target of the poison becomes frozen.

Mermaid's Mirror (Item Example) - When in your inventory, dazzling spells cast against you have a 50% chance of dazzling the caster in your favor instead. The dazzled caster also has a 25% chance of becoming Paralyzed.

Primortal's Breath (Spell Example) - When cast, all non-friends of yours on the tile automatically become Harmed for 10 HP, have a 45% chance of Corroding, and have a 20% chance of becoming Terrified.

Poeren's Melody (Spell Example) - When cast, all friends of yours on the tile become Emboldened and Rejuvinated for 10 BP.

Giant Black Widow (NPC Example) - With a successful attack, player has a 25% chance of becoming Infected and a 30% chance of being Paralyzed.

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