Some spells, etc. using the effects from User:Motorhed/Effect_Stuff.

NPC StuffEdit


  1. Angry Hornets - NPC releases angry hornets that cause Harm to target player. Possible effects: Frantic.
  2. Swarm of Cicadas - NPC releases a cicada swarm. Possible effects: Deaf, Distracted, Frantic.

Offensive SpellsEdit

  1. Bloody Mess - Player becomes Rigged and causes their killer to become Infected for X refreshes.
  2. Gut Wrench - Targeted player's guts are tied in knots. Possible effects: Stun, Malnourished, Lethargic.
  3. Mass Grave - All players who are not friends of the caster become stuck. Possible effects: Helpless, Paralyzed.
  4. Primortal's Breath - All who are not friends of the caster become harmed. Possible effects: Corroding, Terrified.
  5. Twilight's Blades - Targeted player is immersed in dark, swirling shadow blades. Possible effects: Harm, Distracted, Terrified, Bleeding.


Current concept: Music can cause only one effect, low MP cost, requires intrument and probably a skill or two. Music can NOT cause physical effects such as harm, burning, corroding, etc.

"Listeners" refers to people on tile.

  1. Ballad of the Headless Goat - Listeners who are not friends may become terrified.
  2. Falling in Lava Again - Listeners who are not friends may become clumsy.
  3. Joselry's Theme - Listeners who are friends may become exhilirated.
  4. Love Lyrics - Listeners may become dazzled.
  5. Rochelle's Theme - Listeners begin recovering.
  6. Wail of the Shadows - Listeners who are not friends may become frightened.
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