Vaults are a place to store items, clothes, and accessories you don't need on your person but would still like to keep. The vault charges 15 coins per item deposited, regardless of the quantity; there is no fee for withdrawals. Items deposited are available for withdrawal at any vault. Basically, you can store anything that you are not currently wearing. Vaults can serve many purposes from stockpiling armor, weapons and ingredients to protecting valuables from thieves to even stocking bandages. Here is a map showing a vault closest to your location:

Main Town

Fiefield Vault

Mallidae Village Drokmoore

Rumsman Vault

Quince Town

Ospen Vault


Paulman Vault

Bissom Town

Tive Vault
Singh Vault

Jaikiel Town Fenrin Village

Sheman Vault
Sableton Vault


Tinskin Vault

Taisel Village
Cauldman Forest Thones Village

Solenas Vault


Hoggle Vault

Tamesden Town

Tasselwell Vault

Hornet Town
Shokan Hills Archen Town Maiden Village

Tainer Vault

Redstone Magog Village

Kildenny Vault


Hordon Village Musin Vault

Nillywood Town


Items stored in the vault are stacked as per the maximum stack of that particular item, after which, the item will take up an additional slot in the vault space. For example, a Boulder stored in the vault will not stack on to an additional Boulder stored in the vault because the maximum stack of that item is 1. However, Wildflowers will stack up to 125, as that is their maximum stack. Your vault has a total of 130 slots for storage.

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