Alpha version 0.4

  • Mobile NPCs. That's right, now nowhere is safe. They tend to travel in groups, so beware.
  • New skills. Some new skills have been added and some old ones now work.
  • More spells. Offensive spells and some new defensive ones.
  • More healing items. Huzzah.
  • Darkness. Some areas are now dark and require a light source to properly search or see players/NPCs.
  • PvP XP alteration. You will get normal XP for hitting someone up to 4 levels below you, half for 5 levels below, and 0 for 10 levels below.
  • Guild improvement. You can now set ally and enemy guilds. Members of allied guilds can enter a barrier of trust cast by one of your guild's members.
  • NPC adjustment. Hostile NPCs will now only attack those of appropriate alignment. ie, good NPC attacks bad players.
  • Karma change. You now lose karma for damaging a neutral or good player.
  • Barrier modification. Barriers will now degrade every 15 minutes.
  • And more!

Alpha version 0.3

  • Vaults. You may now store items in vaults. All equipped items have been moved to the vault for various reasons.
  • Guild system. A simple guild system has been implemented.
  • Protection spells. Players can now buy protection spells.
  • Titles. Players may now select a title other than Newbface from the Edit Profile page.
  • Message queue. Now see up to 30 messages while you're away. You can also change the default (1-30) in the Edit Profile page.
  • Favorites. Set a favorite weapon, targeted skill, or spell.
  • Various other things, bug fixes, cosmetic changes, etc. I forget.

Alpha version 0.2.1

  • Searching for hidden people is (hopefully) fixed.
  • Players idle for more than 5 days will disappear from the world but all data is left intact.
  • Corpses that lay unclaimed for more than 5 days will also disappear from the world, in this case, deleted.

Alpha version 0.2

  • New server. Version update sometime.
  • Semi-public release. Report any bugs on the bug board.
  • All characters are subject to deletion at any time. Just remember, this is still an alpha version and things will constantly be changing. Don't get too attached to them.
  • Some things still look like ass. This is (mostly) not a bug, shut up.

Alpha version 0.1

  • Stuff!
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