Magic Conductors currently do absolutely nothing, but will reduce MP cost of spells in the future.
Also, in the future, players might be required to have a Magic Conductor in order to cast spells.

Description This is a small voo doo doll made of coarse fabric. It has button eyes and human hair, its tiny mouth sewn shut. An array of pins and needles are stuck into its tiny form.
Type magical conductor
Usage When player selects [use] the following text is displayed:
<PLAYER> methodically rearranges the pins in a voo doo doll until content.
This item is a component used for Upgrading.
Maximum Stack 25
Cost to Buy Buy for 500 coins from Magic Stores.
Selling Price Sell for 150 coins to Magic Stores.
Maximum Upgrades This item cannot be upgraded.
Upgrade Value +3% Hit-Rate
How to Obtain Magic Stores.

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