This is a world map of the land of DragonSpires. Feel free to edit, add, or rewrite the entire thing if appropriate.

North West Areas
South West Areas

Complete MapEdit

To get an idea of the size of the project, the complete map of the main Realm of DragonSpires.

Non-Main AreasEdit

These areas must be accessed by Doors & portals.

Area Name Area Entered From
Avaros Cauldman Forest
Catacombs Main (NW)
Chasm Catacombs
Death's Knell Tower Hornet Town
Gulgorn's Realm Arkwood
Kalaag Dungeon Kelden
Kashan Fenrin Village
Mern Tamesden Town
Nadra Nillywood Town
Nyrisiss Orin's Labyrinth
Onocoroa Shokan Hills
Orin's Labyrinth Main Town
Tilleria's Realm Taisel Village
Trygia Quince Town
Trygian Mines Trygia


All towns and other such areas in the World of DragonSpires.

Area Name Realm
Alesville Main (NW)
Archen Town Main (NW)
Arkwood Main (NW)
Avaros Avaros
Bissom Town Main (NW)
Catacombs Main (NW)
Cauldman Forest Main (NW)
Chasm Main (NW)
Death's Knell Tower Main (NW)
Drokmoore Main (NW)
Erbatha Main (NW)
Fenrin Village Main (NW)
Gulgorn's Realm Gulgorn's Realm
Hordon Village Main (NW)
Hornet Town Main (NW)
Jaikiel Town Main (NW)
Kalaag Dungeon Main (NW)
Kashan Kashan
Kelden Main (NW)
Magog Village Main (NW)
Maiden Village Main (NW)
Main Town Main (NW)
Mallidae Village Main (NW)
Mern Mern
Mount Krokkam Main (NW)
Nadra Nadra
Nillywood Town Main (NW)
Onocoroa Onocoroa
Orin's Labyrinth Orin's Labyrinth
Pescombe Main (NW)
Quince Town Main (NW)
Redstone Main (NW)
Shokan Hills Main (NW)
Taisel Village Main (NW)
Tamesden Town Main (NW)
Thones Village Main (NW)
Tilleria's Realm Tilleria's Realm
Trygia Trygia
Trygian Mines Trygia
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