RetiredRetired Item

This item has been retired. The only instances of this item that exist in the game (if any exist) are the ones in posession of players.

Description This is a small silver ring displaying a wretched, rotting zombie face with bits of exposed skull.
The ring has mournful eyes which are bright green emeralds.
One is set lower than the other.
Type ring
Usage When player selects [use] the following text is displayed:
<PLAYER> raises a zombie ring in the air. As it glimmers, an eerie moan echoes quietly through the area.
Select [wear] to wear.
Select [rem] to remove.
Maximum Stack  ???
Cost to Buy This item cannot be purchased.
Selling Price This item cannot be sold.
Maximum Upgrades This item may be upgraded 4 times at a Blacksmith.
Any item that has been upgraded will display [Upgraded] after its name on your Inventory bar.
How to Obtain Only avaiable directly from Mo, by promoting Scroll Wars on the Urban Dead Wiki.

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